Timeless design for 🇺🇸 early stage startups and venture backed teams
3-in-one design pod. Fiery fast weekly sprints. Flexible plans.
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Directed by
design greats
Design Mini is your design team guided by Design Greats, i.e. senior designers who’ve worked with brands like Google, Disney and AirBnB. We bring design greats to your project for creative direction and design oversight. This guarantees the highest quality outcomes.
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Meet your
3-in-1 Design Pod ©️
Your 3-in-1 Design Pod©️ is your designated design team.
It includes a hands-on senior designer, a Design Great to provide design oversight, and a success manager to ensure on-time and on-spec delivery. Your senior designer is assigned by us based on the required expertise, eg: UX, UI, graphic design, branding or custom illustration. 3-in-1 Design Pod's©️ are available in multiples of a week.

Let's say your project requires branding, website and product design. A senior branding designer delivers your branding task, and then we assign a senior website designer for your next website task, followed by a senior product designer for your product design task. You no longer need to worry about design skills, briefing, scope or pricing. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Everything design is blended into your mini. No more spinning wheels on skills, estimates or overages. No wastage ever. Unutilized days are carried forward, and never expire.
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The backstory of the
3-in-1 Design Pod©️
As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of finding and managing designers.
It can be frustrating to locate designers with the right soft skills, expertise and experience. If there had been an accessible, startup-friendly, and reliable service, we would have gladly chosen it. Unfortunately, such a service didn't exist, and many founders shared our pain.

So, we embarked on a mission to simplify design services and bring transparency to the often complex world of traditional design agencies and unreliable freelancers. Transparency became our guiding principle, not only in our operations but also in building lasting relationships beyond business transactions.

This is the true story of how the Design Mini's 3-in-1 Design Pod was born.

The highlights that every founder loves:
An all-in-one design pod for strategy, product, graphic, and website design ✅
Flexible plans that allow you to start, pause, or stop anytime ✅
Design supervision and oversight included ✅
Weekly sprints for predictable outcomes ✅
Pricing designed with startups in mind ✅
No unexpected costs or overages. Ever. ✅
No task too small ✅

Each 3-in-1 Design Pod includes a Senior Designer, a Design Great, and a Success Manager. The Senior Designer is hands-on with your project, while the Design Great provides design oversight, and your success manger ensures on-dot deliveries.

Each 3-in-1 Design Pod is assigned to fast-paced, weekly sprints, which we call Mini's. We assist you in planning and scheduling your Design Mini's. Check out mini pricing and exclusive offers.

Startups. Protected.
🛡️ From long drawn negotiations
🛡️ From expert design supervision
🛡️ From sky high pricing
🛡️ From hiring pains
🛡️ From overages
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Trusted by leaders
at startups, small businesses and enterprises
Everything design,
packed in
Your Design Mini includes design strategy, product design, web and mobile UX-UI, website design and development, UX and website copy, graphics, custom illustrations, branding, strategic narrative, logo design.

Your worries on design quality, design supervision, hiring, sky high costs and overages, now solved.
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Fiery fast delivery
Each mini runs for a week. Based on your project needs, we can run your design mini in parallel or in a sequence.

We never drop the ball. After one design task is signed off by you, we pick up the next in your queue. Design drops are made every 2 days. Daily check-ins on Slack help resolve hiccups and keep your mini on track.
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No calls.
No proposals.
No BS.
We take your design brief in Slack, and we translate it into timeless designs. Couldn't get any simpler.
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Zero overheads
Your mini gives you access to a designated designer, oversight by a design great, and a success manager. All expenses including hiring, operational overheads, and tools required to ensure seamless delivery are on us.
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Why Design Mini is the team of choice for product teams
We founded Design Mini to offer an all-in-one design solution that is designed to meet the needs of early stage startups, ambitious entrepreneurs and SaaS teams looking to grow their business, without breaking the bank.
We believe startups must have access to top-notch designers without the hassles of expensive traditional agencies or unreliable freelancers. That's why we created a service that is both affordable and reliable. We are humbled by the response from startups, and are excited to welcome you to the tribe 😎
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2-in-1 design pod for 1 Week
Designated Sr. UX Designer, 10+yrs
PLUS UX Director, 20+yrs
per week
No minimum commitment. Pause or cancel anytime.
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2-in-1 design pod for 1 Month
Designated Sr. UX Designer, 10+yrs
PLUS UX Director, 20+yrs
per month
No minimum commitment. Pause or cancel anytime.
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Let's talk about your design challenges
Again, what is this about?
Take a moment to think of all the times you needed expert design help. Redesign your product. Optimise your onboarding experience. Create a new website. Illustrations for a marketing landing page. You need a design expert to do justice to each unique task. And you need the best. But, where do you find them, when you need them?
We solve this pain for you. We bring you a fractional design team of 100% vetted designers, available at short notice, to help with your varying design tasks. We eliminated all friction to ensure you only get the best in quality and price. We offer one one simple plan that rules them all - a design sprint, 5 days, one senior designer, a design great provides design oversight, and a success manger ensures timely delivery.
What is a 3-in-1 Design Pod?
First, Most startups need designers for specific task or for the short term. They just don't need designers enough to hire them full-time.
Second, they need varying design expertise as they progress in their startup journey. They need product designers to design their MVP, prototype, new product design or redesign, or design new features. Other times they need help with branding strategy or identity design. Then they need to design marketing collaterals and graphics for social media. Unicorn designers are rare and expensive. Hence each task needs a specialist.
This is where Design Mini comes in. We take care of your varied design tasks in one simple weekly sprint, we call this sprint a Mini. Each mini runs for 5 working days.
What’s unique about Design Mini’s designers?
Each of our designers are experts in their respective fields, with 10+ years of hands-on experience at chiseling their craft. From design strategy, to product design, UX-UI, website design, identity & branding, graphic design, illustrations, product or website copy. Their work and client roster speaks volumes.
Who are Design Greats?
The world’s best design talent, aka Design Greats, is our talent pool that provides creative direction and design oversight for your designs. Our Design Greats have provided the sheen for the world’s best brands like Google, Apple and Disney. You can be rest assured that your designs have undergone a screening before they are shared with you.
How do you ensure design quality?
At Design Mini, we’re obsessed with delivering winning design. To ensure quality, we only engage 100% vetted senior designers who are specialists in their respective fields.
Each task is delivered by an experienced designer, with design oversight by a design great. A designated success manager is your single point of contact available on your Slack channel to ensure you only receive the best.
What if I don't like the design?
No worries. We'll continue to revise the design until you're 100% satisfied.
Wouldn't I just hire a designer
Good question. For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level designer now exceeds $100,000, plus benefits. Freelance designers are typically double the cost. It’s also a challenge finding the one, just when you need them.
The designer you hire may not have all the expertise you need. A UX designer is not trained to design graphics or illustrations. A graphic designer cannot design for the web. This aside, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you're stuck paying for non-utilised time.
With Design Mini you can start, pause or resume your subscription as often as you need, to ensure you end up paying for designers when you have work available for them. For example, you might pay for 4 minis, or 20 working days and get started on your deliveries. But since your work got delivered in 6 days, you might decide to pause your mini. The balance 14 days carry forward and never expire. Resume your mini when you have another task.
Is there a limit to how many designs I can request?
Once you pick your plan, you're able to add as many designs request to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one based on your prioritisation.
What do you consider a complex design request? How are they delivered?
Think custom brand illustrations, or a new feature for your mobile app, or redesigning your brand identity.
Complex tasks or projects require team continuity, hence we designate a designer and a design great throughout the project duration, to ensure your design shines.
How fast will I receive my designs?
The status of your delivery is updated in Slack once in 24 hours, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Complex design requests do take longer. We share your estimated drop time and meeting cadence for complex requests before starting work.
How do you deliver the designs?
Your design requests are designed in the Figma app. Figma is an extremely easy to use web-based software, with nothing to download. You can comment directly on your designs in Figma. We pick up your feedback from there.
For custom illustrations and graphics, we use Adobe Creative Suite or Corel Draw for delivering high resolution assets. Even here, sketches and design are shared on Figma for your feedback, and final assets including PNG and print ready files are shared on Google Drive.
Can I request for a specific designer?
We do assign designers to longer term projects, that run for more than 2 months. For smaller tasks assigning a specific designer is not possible, since they are assigned tasks in rotation. After one task is complete, their expertise is matched to the next available task and they are reassigned.
How does buying sprints in multiples work?
Our basic plan is a fast-paced, weekly design sprint, called a mini. You can buy multiple mini's to avail deeper discounts. After you buy mini's, you are provisioned access to your private Slack channel and Notion member portal, where you and your team can add new design tasks, view the status of an ongoing task, and access your design repository.
You can add unlimited members, unlimited tasks and assign prioritise. We start with the first task in your queue. This task status shows in your work-in-progress queue. Task status is updated every 24 hours, excluding saturday and sunday.
We share design updates on Slack.  You share your feedback by commenting on your design file in Figma. We iterate based on your feedback.
After you approve one task, we start work on the next task in your queue. At Design Mini, there are no calls or stand-ups, ever. Nothing to schedule. Nothing to discuss. You’ll thank your stars you have Design Mini.
What is included in my subscription?
Unlimited design requests. Unlimited brands. Unlimited users.
Each subscription plan is your 3-in-1 Design Pod. You get a designated designer, a design great to provide design oversight, and a success manager to ensure on-time deliveries.
How does payment work?
Once you select the number of mini's you want to buy, you are directed to pay via Stripe.
Your payment includes Stripe charges or bank transfer fees.

You can also pay via ACH transfer to our local USA Bank account:
Account Name: Notch Design Studio Private Limited
Account Number: 8338401301
Routing Number: 026073150
Bank: Community Federal Savings Bank
Account Type: Checking
How does the pause feature work?
We understand you may not have enough design work all the time. Perhaps you only have one or two design requests at the moment. That's where pausing your mini's comes in handy.
Billing is pro-rata. Let's say you sign up for 4 mini's, or 20 days and utilise only 6 days, and then decide to pause your subscription. This means that your billing will be paused and you'll have 14 days of service remaining to be used anytime in the future. Mini's never ever expire. Mini's are transferrable.
Do you offer other plans?
Mini's are packaged as weekly sprints. The more mini's you buy, the better your offer.
In addition, we've designed exclusive offers for first-time founder and founders who've worked at leading brands. Check them here.
What if I only have a single design task?
No problem. You can subscribe to one mini. When you're done with your task and wish to pause just drop a "Pause" in Slack. We'll pause your mini, and you can resume when you have additional design needs.
If I don't like the service do you offer refunds?
Yes. If you are not happy with our service, we will refund 100% of your first mini. No questions asked.
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